Warning: 23-year old adult on the loose

Mika is an empathetic listener, a human-centric product manager and an always eager learner.

hello@mikareyes.com | @smikatoots

I believe in the power of innovation & design in economic transformation. My biggest dream is to augment the growing tech and startup scenes in emerging markets like my home, the Philippines & in the greater S.E. Asian region. I like to write about tech x society, innovation in emerging markets, & my thoughts on living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

I currently work full-time for Ripcord as a Product Manager through the KPCB Product Fellowship. Simultaneously, I help out in product at Kumu.

I graduated from Wesleyan UniversityPhi Beta Kappa & a summa cum laude equivalent with degrees in Economics & Psychology, minor in Data Analysis. In college, I founded Kai Entrepreneurship, an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. I was part of 3 dance troupes, the Filipino identity club, and taught 2 classes in design, technology and innovation. My work experience spans 3 continents: Roboterra as a UX/UI Designer, MedGrocer as an Associate Product Manager, in Vaavud as a Associate Product Marketer. I thrive in the world of technology, design, innovation and startups, but always strive to inject more humanity & societal awareness in everything I do.

I love snacking on almonds, reading or writing, exploring new forms of dance, going on classes for exercise & trying new food!