Check out some products I love using!

  • Notion - where I built this website, and where my second brain lives
  • OnDeck - community for founders, PMs, and more! Apply with my referral code!
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited - free, great cashbacks that you can pair with Chase Sapphire cards; get a bonus if you use my referral link!
  • Super.so - the platform that transforms this Notion page into a website
  • Substack - the home of my weekly newsletter
  • Glimpse - know what's trendy before it's trendy. Packed with clear insights about future trends from Google & Amazon searches & more.
  • FacetWealth - financial planning services that are fiduciary guaranteed (meaning they are legally obligated to support your best financial interests, not the companies')
  • Monthly - learn a new creative thing, with a peer group, and an expert, all in one month
  • Etrade - best UI for investments and trades