Strides Exclusive Beta Program

Strides Exclusive Beta Program

We're curating a small Creator Beta Program for our startup, valued at $5M, when we launch our product.

Our Promise to You

  • Shape our product based on our usage and feedback as creator advisors. We'll listen to everything you have to say and incorporate your feedback into our product.
  • Handheld support from the Strides founders themselves. We want to be partners with you throughout the early stages of our development.
  • Forever early access. Sneak peak and early access to our products & experiments now (and forever!)
  • A community of other prominent creators looking to engage & gamify their community through leaderboards, rewards, etc.
  • Significant discount. We haven't started charging yet, but at the point that we do, we'll offer a significant discount (>50% of the offer) exclusively for members of our beta.
  • Opportunities to invest in the next best startups like Doordash, Figma, Monthly through our networks at Kleiner Perkins, South Park Commons, Stanford, Cognity Labs
  • Get access to our roster of top tech executives, including a former Director of Product @ Facebook, the founder of a crypto VC, the first female engineer at Facebook and the ex-CTO of Dropbox

The Ask

  • Use our fan engagement and gamification product
  • Engagement on ad-hoc meetings, and messages as we build and iterate on our product upon the private beta launch
  • Running ad-hoc experiments with your fans on products we build together
  • Your honest, open and constructive feedback on our product 🙂

Why do we have this beta program?

Our users come first and we want to make sure that, even early on in our journey, the perspectives of creators and their fans are kept top of mind.

We've seen early success on our product with early adopters of our fan engagement tools, helping gamify a creator's audience. They doubled their engagement metrics, with minimal effort on their end. We want to take it to the next level with more beta testers.

We have something specific we want to learn about and want to run these experiments with creators in our exclusive beta.

More info on our product vision here.

Who We Are

Strides is an early-stage startup building tools for creators and their fans, backed by top investors and valued at over $5M.


Mika was a product manager at LinkedIn & early team member of Kumu (livestreaming app for Filipino creators; 7M users, backed by Sequoia).

Amy was an engineer at Robinhood, two-time Google intern, and studied Computer Science at Stanford.

We met through the Kleiner Perkins Fellowship and are building an early-stage startup valued at over $5M by top investors. Collectively, we've reached #2 top product at Product Hunt, launched a card game on Kickstarter that was 250% funded, and made the front page of Hacker News.

We're passionate about creators! We grew up dancing & writing, built the Passion Economy Stack, and post regularly on Youtube, Substack, Twitch, & Tiktok.


Sign up for a quick call with one of the founders of the product here so we can share more details and gauge mutual fit.

Questions? Chat with us through our widget on the bottom-right of this page.


How did you find me?

We're looking for Twitch and Youtube creators that have a certain amount of subscribers, are using a number of platforms to sustain their business, already monetizing through their audience (via tips or subscriptions), have strong communities on Discord or otherwise & interested in growing their business.

Our process: We comb through our Twitch & Youtube recommendations, as it's best to start where we already have intersecting interests and find those who we might jive with and would love to work with!

What exactly are you building?

We're building tools for creators to better engage & learn about their (super)fans across the many platforms and channels they're using, and helping them monetize with a new fan gamification product (more at

Creators we built these custom solutions for doubled their engagement numbers, with minimal effort on their end using our contest and giveaway tools, public fan leaderboards, & fan gamification through badges, milestones & rewards.

We typically want to speak to people who are interested in our beta to make sure there's mutual fit. If you're interested, book a time here.

How long will this engagement last?

The engagement will last while we are still in the private beta phase. We expect the private beta to start around November of this year, after we've launched our product, iterate and test until we can launch publicly in the beginning of 2022.

Of course, we're happy to continue the relationship even after the beta phase.