📍Hi! I'm Mika. I'm currently:

💼 I’m a Product Manager at LinkedIn Jobs. Previously at Kumu & Ripcord through the KPCB Product Fellowship. I started the Filip[in]os @ LinkedIn group & am a Women in Product executive member.

🎓 I graduated B.A. Economics, Psychology, Data Analysis from Wesleyan UniversityPhi Beta Kappa & a summa cum laude equivalent. I'm a proud Philippine Science High School scholar.

🇵🇭 I'm most passionate about broadening access through tech in emerging markets like my home, the Philippines & in the rest of S.E. Asia. On the side, I work on a virtual startup incubator for emerging markets, & launched a fun social card game.

⚡Nowadays, I'm overloading on coffee & tinkering. Any interesting ideas on creator monetization, live virtual interactions or async collaboration? Send me a note at hello@mikareyes.com.

Last updated Jan 9, 2021