Daily Learnings

My friend Rohan writes a newsletter about 1 learning he encounters... every DAY. (And I thought I was so great for once consistently writing weekly!)

The exercise is a core part of his daily routine, despite being a busy, busy product leader at LinkedIn.

It does the following for him:

  1. Crystallizes the lessons into possible actual action. There are moments where he repeats a mistake he’s made (which he reflects on in some of his lessons), but the repeat percentage grows much lower with time
  2. Builds “learning-spotting muscles.” This is likely one of the hardest but one of the most valuable muscles to build. When you find learnings in everything you do, you spur the flywheels for growth in every aspect of your life.
  3. Creates discipline. If you can consistently write every day, without breaking the chain (and he’s done so for, I want to say close to 10 years now!), then you can stay consistent and do virtually anything
  4. Improves communication. His writing is simple, eloquent and clear, feeding into his practice as a PM, among other things. He breaks down each lesson so concisely, and with a resonating structure that keeps the profundity of the insight. Simple is the way.

I’ve worked with Rohan briefly and can see how these lessons have fed into the professional and amazing human being he is today.

He’s a constant inspiration and am glad I can call him a friend.