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My ultimate budget tracker template just for you

A couple weeks back, I posted my “2020 Wrapped, Personal Expenses Edition”

So here we are.


My [FREE] budget tracker template.


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If you’re a stooge like me and get stressed when your money isn’t handled the “right” way, then you’ll enjoy this tracker.

📊 Manual = managed. I like manually logging all my expenses myself (instead of relying on whatever swipe data accumulates on my credit card. I’m kept aware and guilty of spending. This is the one manual thing in my life that I don’t want to automate, otherwise I’ll never stay accountable to it.

🤸‍♀️ Control & flexibility. I despise all the automatic expense trackers out there. They mis-categorize your expense data, and you have no flexibility in how you’ll view and see the data. This way, I have a flexible spreadsheet that I can always cater to my needs.

🛍️ Better data & understanding of yourself. It's also SO REWARDING to have data on your expenses over time. You know how to better plan for starting a company, making big purchases, changing your lifestyle and more. It's also great to understand how your psychological cycles of spending fluctuate over time.

Check it out and send me feedback!

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The package includes- Google Forms template to simply log expenses whenever you make them- An easy-to-follow guide on how to set the right budget- An analysis of your spending with simple charts to see your spending behavior over time - Dummy data to give a preview of how it works - An indication of whether you are above your intended budget - Instructions of how to use

Get it free

👀 Nudge of the week

Hemingway App - I was editing an article of my friend, trying to cut down words, convert passive to active voice, etc. He then sent me Hemingway App, which automated away all my editing. Super cool! Simply copy paste and get feedback to make your writing 10x better.


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