My Beyonce moment / why I write

At Corepower Yoga this weekend, my yoga instructor had a Beyonce-themed class. At the start of class, she set an intention: IMPACT. At the end, she reflected on that intention and naturally related it back to the queen.

She said:

“When I was growing up, I never saw anyone that looked like me on TV, then came Beyonce. She showed me and many other Black women that anything is possible. She made that kind of impact on me.

And I hope you know that however big or small, YOU are making an impact on others.

Good luck to everyone buying Renaissance tickets.

May Beyonce be with you!”

Today, I had a lil’ Beyonce moment (yas).

A lady reached out asking me about my founder story, as she was navigating it herself as a woman and immigrant.

We had a great chat and I tried my best to help her out as much as I could.

But really I feel like she made a bigger impact on me.

Peppered throughout our conversation were special, heartwarming moments.

She alluded to how grateful she was that I wrote and shared all my lessons. The writing and my story showed her that she too could achieve her goals because there was someone out there that was also an immigrant, also a woman and now also a founder.

That conversation meant so much more than she’ll ever know.

As my wise Corepower instructor would say: you TOO are making an impact on others, more than you’ll ever know.

May Beyonce be with you. 👑