Onboarding users 1-on-1

Every day in the past few weeks, I’ve personally onboarded new users to our new product at Parallax.

As in - hop on a call, and onboard each users one 👏 by 👏 one 👏.

It’s not scalable, takes up significant, non-zero amount of time, introduces high friction on the part of our users and at times can feel repetitive. BUT it’s the most fruitful moment of my day.


  1. Tight feedback cycles. We get the highest touch feedback possible. I give each new user personalized attention and learn more about their individual needs and experiences. We then funnel that into our roadmap, making it better for them and future users.
  2. Get to ‘aha’ moment faster. I take the time to help them understand exactly how it works and how the product can be used to solve their specific problems. (To then funnel into figuring out what the best ‘get started’ onboarding experience is at scale). It’s a positive experience so they get to the ‘aha!’ moment faster and increases the likelihood of their becoming a loyal customer.
  3. Fix bugs or user experience fast. If we encounter a bug or an unexpected experience, I can troubleshoot with them on the spot and unblock them from using the product. We address any issues before they become a more significant problem with future users.
  4. Deeply learn. I deeply understand the ‘why’s’ behind their (potential) usage of the product and uncover new use cases I maybe hadn’t considered.

I also love making friends with our customers! Best parts of my day.

We’re already getting such great feedback. Can’t wait for more.


(Want to also become a Parallax user / my friend? Sign up at parallax.to!)