Treat your hiring process like a product

Hiring is one of the most important and highest leverage parts of any business.

The #1 rule I learned from my cofounder (who’s hired dozens of strong engineers in the past): Treat your hiring process like you would a product — all candidates need a fantastic user experience.

This means:

  1. Quick response times.
  2. We respond to every interaction to those in our pipeline (questions, messages, etc.) within a day (or two, tops).

    Even if it’s a simple “I got this message — I’ll get back to you with a response in the next X days” so they don’t feel ghosted.

  3. Intentionality.
    1. We're very intentional with each step of the process so we don't waste unnecessary energy and their (+ our) time!

      For example:

    2. no-no's to 10h+ take-home's!
    3. no-no's to 3h+ back to back meetings
    4. That also means each step of the interview process has a specific goal, all drawing from our criteria of the ideal candidate.

  4. Openness and Transparency
  5. Candidates need to be setup for success, not feeling like they’re in the hot seat. Deeper in the funnel, we’re open about each step of the process, and how we'll evaluate any technical screens, design exercises or even behavioral questions.

    We're also (soon) building out pages to illustrate our culture in detail ala "A Day in the Life," to give a strong sense of what it looks like working with us.

    Big fan of “Who: The A Method of Hiring”, offering reminders that there should never be “gotcha’s” or “trick questions” when finding the right candidates.