We're Launching Consensus!


Mika: “I’ve always wanted to put something up on Kickstarter.”

Advith: “Same. Yeah, also always wanted to build like a physical thing.”Mika: “Cool, you want to put a card game or board game up on Kickstarter or something? You like games, too right?”Advith: “Yeah, I’m down.”

… & Consensus was born! *The conversation may or may not have sounded like that, but you get the point! 😆

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We’ve been testing, prototyping & iterating on this baby for a year now! We changed our rules seeveraaal times after many test plays, evolved from You vs. Me to Tandemonium to Buddy Wars & finally Consensus, and even started off writing on the back of business cards to test early concepts!

We’re super excited to finally get Consensus out there. We’re very thankful for friends and family for testing the game until they got tired of playing & for providing super valuable feedback to make Consensus the game it is today!

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